Concord YMCA, Summit Health NH, Seacoast United Announce New Sports Programs for Children

May 7th, 2014

CONCORD, NH - Seacoast United Sports Club, Summit Health NH, and the Concord YMCA are pleased to announce their new partnership which will provide additional athletic opportunities to children in the local Concord area. 
Seacoast United, and their local Concord-based soccer club Seacoast Express United (SEU), have entered into an agreement that will allow SEU to run the youth sports programs on behalf of the YMCA. Summit Health NH is excited to also partner with Seacoast Express United and YMCA for the health and wellness needs of their athletes.  Summit Health NH will be offering a host of resources with the mindset of injury prevention and advancing athlete performance.

 "It's a great opportunity for our organizations to better serve the greater Concord community," said Bill Nardino, soccer director for Seacoast Express United and Concord High School Varsity Girls Soccer Coach. 
Nardino will also be the point person working with the YMCA and Summit staff to host a variety of sports programs. The program will begin with a focus in six sports:  Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Soccer. 
The three organizations will continue to offer the popular 8 week clinics as well as summer camps. Seacoast United has a great reputation with soccer, but also have a history with baseball, field hockey and lacrosse. 
"In the end we'll still offer our competitive club programs for soccer, but we also want to offer quality programs with great coaching throughout the Concord area and most importantly, make it accessible to everyone,” added Nardino.   “Many student athletes/ multi-sport athletes can't commit to a full year program but working with our network of club, high school, and college coaches we feel we can support those kids, help them develop in their sport of choice, and strengthen our sports in general. The partnership with the YMCA and Summit Health was a no brainer because we value the same things and in the end everyone benefits.” 
The Sports Programs will begin on July 7th with the School of Excellence, an accelerated sport training/playing program which prioritizes skill development and nurtures a love for playing in a fun, competitive, and age appropriate environment. Young athletes will enjoy the opportunity to play with and against those of similar motivation and ability. The School of Excellence is a unique program for 8-10 yr olds, 11&12 yr olds, 13&14 yr olds, and high school aged players with the goal of improving the level of sport in the area. This summer Summit Health will be working with the athletes from the soccer club as well as the Schools of Excellence (all sports) providing athlete screening, create an athlete profile, training and helping to foster a love for being active. This free bonus offering will be held over the summer weekends for a one hour (each) training session or testing at the Concord YMCA. 
For more info about programs please contact Bill Nardino at  Learn more on all programs offered by Seacoast Express United by visiting