The Grassroots Program, in many cases, is a child’s first experience with the game of soccer.  This program has been appropriately designed for each age group to teach the fundamentals of the game while creating an exceptionally fun environment.  The activities involved have been developed to teach indivudual skills and are often learned through fun games and exercises.  These games help to develop different fundamental aspects of the game, but more importantly, your soccer player will be creating a strong relationship with the game and having fun.  Many times they won’t know they’re learning but any time they have the ball at their feet and smile on their face they are gaining valuable experience.

Program for 2-4 Year Olds:
These sessions are all parent-participation and are designed to work on the most basic soccer fundamentals as well as motor skill developement and social skills.  Each session will begin with a ’warm up’ which, in most cases, the ball will not be used.  The ’warm up’ will work on your players motor skills, balance, listening skills and coordination while being silly and using their imagination. The rest of the session will center around using the ball with you, their "teammate", and creating a great relationship with soccer and having fun. These sessions are great for first time players or those not quite ready to be away from Mom or Dad.

Program for 5-6 Year Olds:
These session continue the development of soccer’s individual fundamentals through fun games and introduce some short scrimmage play at the end.  This can be a great starting place for those interested in giving soccer a try.  Players that have had previous experience or have been in the Grassroots Program previously will do great in this class as well.  As with all Grassroots sessions, all exercises and games are centered around individual skill development and FUN.

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