0-5 yr olds

Seacoast United’s PLAYTIME Program is a fantastic program for your toddlers and young children up to age 5 to exercise without worrying about the weather!  Held at our Indoor Sports Arena in Concord NH, PLAY TIME is basically an open gym.  We fill one of our fields with all kinds of balls for your little one to kick, throw and roll around with.  We are always on the lookout for new things to play with so each time you visit your children might have new things to explore. 

As much as PLAYTIME is a great way for your child to burn off some energy Parents love coming with friends, setting up play dates or even holding events for Mother’s Clubs.  Feel free to bring a coffee on the field with you but please, no food on our fields.  Please keep snacks either in the bench area or outside of our field.  Even if you don’t set up a play date there are always people to meet!  If you have a group of parents that would like to set PLAY TIME on a separate field just for you please contact Darrell Betley at

PlayTime is now open for the 2018 season! 

PlayTime Membership Program
To make things as easy as possible for parents, we have set up a PLAYTIME MEMBERSHIP program which allows you to register and pay ahead of time instead of worrying about having exact change each time you come to play.  Each time you arrive, just check in at the front desk where we can keep track of your number of visits.  Your membership is valid all winter so forget about having money with you, just remember your membership card!

PlayTime Memberships 
$5 per child
$8 per family
$40 Unlimited monthly membership.  
$150 Unlimited 6-month membership.

Purchase your monthly PlayTime membership by clicking here.

PlayTime is located at Seacoast United’s Concord Indoor Facility located at 10 Ferry St., Suite 105, Concord NH.

Spring Play Time will be open from 12pm- 3pm for children up to 5 yrs old every Monday to Thursday except on Holidays and possible winter weather advisories (please check our website).