ConvenientMD Urgent Care is a privately owned company dedicated to providing the best medical care and best health care experience for our patients and staff. By infusing compassion and convenience into our treatment, we are not only raising the bar for urgent care, we are redefining the delivery of health care.

ConvenientMD offers an innovative approach to high-quality health care in an efficient and welcoming environment while saving money for patients, employers, insurance companies and the government. Our less expensive, full-service approach provides a broad array of services to satisfy our patients' demands for convenient, compassionate treatment of episodic urgent care needs.

Due to a lack of suitable alternatives for time sensitive medical care, the large majority of patients walking into emergency rooms each year don't require emergency care. In fact, emergency room visits nationally have grown by more than 30% over the last ten years, increasing wait times to over four hours. Independent surveys indicate that of the 119 million patients who went to the emergency room in 2006, 71% required services that could safely and effectively be provided at an urgent care center like ConvenientMD. Given the extraordinary cost of treating patients in ERs, these unnecessary visits are costing billions of dollars, and wasting time for patients and providers.

ConvenientMD stands alone in its focus on the entire patient experience. Our team members share our passion and commitment to our Vision and Values.

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